Latest New Escapologist Out Now – “Against the Grain”

Posted: January 3, 2012 in My News

New Escapologist - Issue 6

Okay, so this has actually been available for a few months but I haven’t gotten around to publicising it.

This is my favourite edition of New Escapologist yet. It has some hilarious features – my favourite two are about unorthodox funeral practises and why men should always sit to pee. I read it on a train and couldn’t stop myself laughing! It also has a great feature about urban nature writer Leonard Dubkin by Reggie Chamberlain-King.

Issue six also features a piece I wrote called ‘I, Freeter“. It’s about a subculture in Japan which embraces freedom from full-time employment and emphasises creativity as a response to wage slavery. I spoke with the up-and-coming J-Rock band Atelieddy (previously known as Eddy) about the Freeter lifestyle and the philosophy behind it.

Buy your copy today!


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