Interview with Lauren Child and Judy Golding out now

Posted: August 14, 2011 in My News

Wiltshire Magazine August 2011

The latest edition of Wiltshire Magazine includes an interview I did with two famous Wiltshire writers, Lauren Child and Judy Golding. I interviewed them over the telephone and they were both a pleasure to speak with. Lauren Child is well known for the Charlie & Lola book and TV series and Judy Golding has just published a memoir of her father, the Nobel prize winning author William Golding, called The Children of Lovers.

In the interview, Lauren Child talks about growing up in Wiltshire, her struggle to get published and her latest book  based on the character Ruby Redfort, from the popular Clarice Bean series. Judy Golding also speaks about her childhood in Wiltshire (in particular visiting her grandfather in Marlborough), but also gives some fascinating insights into father’s complex and often misunderstood character.

Lauren Child and Judy Golding will both speak at the Marlborough Literature Festival, 22 – 25 September 2011.


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