Posted: June 9, 2010 in Sport

Originally in my Wiltshire Blog

Most of us know how to ride a bike, but how many of us are actually bike-fit?

Did you know that when a professional marathon runner rides a bike for any distance, they soon find themselves being overtaken by greying OAPs who are older than their parents?

The reason? Because they are not bike-fit!

Before you decide I’m talking rubbish and browse your way over to YouTube to post video about how rubbish my blog is, hear me out.

I speak from experience, you see.

I am reasonably fit. Not very fit, super-fit or über-fit, but reasonably – as in I can bend down to tie my shoelaces without breaking a sweat – fit.

Yet every time I am invited on a bike ride by my cyclist friend I find myself lagging behind, out of breath.

The reason? Because I am not bike-fit! I am jog-fit, walk-fit, couch-fit and definitely pub-fit, but not bike-fit.

This is a bit embarrassing for me to admit. I consider myself a cyclist you see, but there are a few facts which suggest that my interest in cycling is shallow at best.

1) I don’t own skin tight cycle wear.

2) I tend to get a puncture every time I take my bike out.

3) I am often overtaken by cyclists more than twice my age, who turn back to laugh at me while I puff away red-faced and exhausted.

Doesn’t sound good, does it? It sounds like I’m an amateur cyclist at best.

Maybe I’m being hard on myself though. Skin tight cycle wear isn’t for everyone, and some people are just unlucky with punctures.

My father once had the pleasure of cycling across France with his brother-in-law – a man capable of getting a puncture every five miles.

And I can explain my embarrassing slowness by my tires, which are more appropriate for a lunar landscape than a B-road in Wiltshire.

*Note to unfit cyclists: “the wrong tires” is a great excuse which cannot be overused.

Evidently it’s possible to have an interest n cycling and not be 100% bike-fit. It’s to be encouraged in fact, as you have to somewhere.

Such people are bike-oriented, bike-keen or bike-enthusiasts and I am – for the time being anyway – one of them.


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